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A Final Farewell – Celebrating a Life Lived

WIFS of Northeast Florida

Hosted its first luncheon of the New Year

Celebrating a Life Lived

 Jacksonville, FL – January 15, 2015….. Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) along with its sponsor ExamOne, held its first luncheon in the New Year at Hotel Indigo in Tapestry Park. The January 13th Lunch and Learn was titled: A Final Farewell.

Christina Loddo Epstein WIFS President Elect kicked off the luncheon by posing the question, “Have you made your New Year resolutions, or resolved never to make one ever again?”  Attendees quickly agreed that while most start the New Year with the best intentions, many end the year frustrated when they don’t, won’t or can’t keep their resolve.

“I have found that when your resolution focuses solely on a difficult or uncomfortable goal rather than on the specifics of how you are going to accomplish it, you set yourself up for failure” said Epstein, “that’s why we  asked, Robin Giddens Sheppard, Vice President at Hardage-Giddens Funeral Homes, to discuss with us one of the most difficult and inevitable decisions that need to made – that is, how we can prepare for our Final Farewell.”

Giddens Sheppard started her talk off by stating, “As financially savvy women you probably have life insurance, retirement accounts, children’s’ college funds set-up — even long-term care insurance.  But how many of you have made any arrangements for your death – or the death of a dear one?”

Attendees then learned that making such difficult decisions in advance is prudent on many fronts.  First, if you fund your prearrangements, the cost of services is guaranteed,” said Giddens Sheppard. Your pre-arrangement is an insurance policy that can be spread out over 10 years.  Also, there is a pay-off benefit that should you die during the term of your payments the policy will be considered paid in full.

Giddens Sheppard then went on to discuss the emotional and practical issues to be considered including anatomical donations, burial vs. cremation, how, where and who would lead services and the like.  Most importantly, she asked attendees to think about how they would want to be remembered. She encouraged the audience to consider that by making these difficult decisions in advance — when things aren’t so emotionally charged — you have the opportunity to consider the many options available and choose the ones that truly reflect on your life.

The Hardage-Giddens Funeral Homes & Cemeteries are part of the Dignity Memorial Network (DMN). The DMN has over 1400 locations throughout the United States.  In addition to allowing for the National Transferability of arrangements to anywhere you move in the United States, Hardage-Giddens offers an array of materials on grieving; transportation protection; bereavement travel; and child/grandchild protection.

Giddens Sheppard ended her presentation by saying, “Please have the ‘talk of a lifetime’ and while I hope you choose a Dignity Memorial Provider, any reputable funeral director or cemeterian will be happy to work with you to pre-plan your arrangements so that you make comfortable decisions when time is on your side.”