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November Lunch Meeting

Bridging the Gaps in Estate Planning: Who, What, and Why?

Jana R. McCreary, J.D, LL.M.

In the insurance and financial services industries, we often recommend to our clients that they should have a will. It is probably something we commonly ask when we first start working with a client. But do you know what goes into a full estate plan? Are you aware of how the law in Florida has changed in the past several years regarding ancillary issues? Do you know what happens if a client does not have a plan? When a client asks you questions about estate planning, do you know how to answer without crossing the line of violating the laws against unlicensed practice of law? And what is critical for YOU to do with your clients so they have an estate plan that best meets their goals?

Jacksonville attorney Jana R. McCreary will speak at our November luncheon to address these issues and more. As an estate planning attorney, Jana has a particular passion in making sure clients’ individual goals are met, no matter their life situation. Jana also values the team approach for clients, wanting to make sure to work along side their accountant, insurance agent, and financial professional to make sure everyone is on the same path with the same destination in mind.